About Digital Holland

Digital Holland started as a dream to share the history of the lakeside city, Holland, Michigan, on a digital platform. Today, Digital Holland has several goals for its content:

  • Provide information in an easily accessible way
  • Highlight the diversity of the community
  • Equip others to share their stories and contribute to historical research

The production of the website is a collaborative effort among Hope College students, community members, faculty, and staff. All interested individuals are invited to contribute


ncur2015Hope College Mellon Scholars developed the first iteration of the website during the summer of 2014. Their work was supported by a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. The website was well received on campus and in the greater Michigan community.

Students presented Digital Holland at the Network Detroit conference in fall 2014 and won first place in the poster contest.

Since then, members of the Digital Holland committee have presented the project at a variety of conferences in addition to appearing at the Celebration of Undergraduate  research at Hope College every spring:


  •  National Conference on Undergraduate Research at Eastern Washington University


  • Undergraduate Network for Research in the Humanities (UNRH) at Davidson College in North Carolina


  • National Conference on Undergraduate Research at University of Memphis


Mellon Scholars

The Hope College Mellon Scholars are students studying the digital liberal arts. The students take a two-part seminar during their sophomore year, and in their junior and senior years, the students develop and execute research projects based on their academic interests. Digital Holland is now the heart of the sophomore seminar. In the courses, students learn a variety of digital skills and apply them to the website. The program emphasizes interdisciplinary collaboration among the students, and these courses provide the framework for students to work together.

The Digital Holland, Michigan Committee

In January 2015, Digital Holland selected a committee of Mellon Scholars to serve as leaders in improving and contributing to the website. As the original committee graduated, new members have been added in order to ensure the continued growth of Digital Holland. The following committee is responsible for the current iteration of Digital Holland on the WordPress platform.

Creative Writing & Biology Major, Class of 2017

Elizabeth Ensink, Editor

Creative Writing & Biology Major
Class of 2017

ireneIrene Gerrish, Graphic Designer

Political Science & Economics Major
Class of 2019

kirsten-andersonKirstin Anderson, Social Media Director

Political Science & Business Management Major
Class of 2019

Sarah Lundy, Community Outreach Directorsarah

French & History Major
Class of 2019