Holland Peanut Store

Holland Peanut Store

Gourmet Grocery Store

46 East Eighth Street


By Stephanie Emanuele

The Fabiano family has owned and operated the Holland Peanut Store for over a century. This Downtown staple is located on 46 E. Eighth St. A favorite among tourists and locals alike, the Peanut Store has a large array of confectionary products to delight even the pickiest eater. Owned and managed by five generations of the Fabiano family, the Holland Peanut Store has been a key business in the history of Downtown Holland.

From Fruit Shop to Candy Store

While it is now renowned for its candied delicacies, the Holland Peanut Store actually began as a fruit shop. Before the Fabiano family made the store their own, the East Eighth Street location was run by C. DeRose, an Italian fruit dealer who abandoned his shop in 1904 and returned to Italy after accumulating a substantial amount of financial debt. Years after DeRose fled Holland, Patsy Fabiano acquired the store and began its transformation into the store we know today.

Building and Location

Throughout its many years as a Holland business, the Peanut Store has moved multiple times. Originally, the Fabiano’s owned a fruit shop on 208 S. River Avenue before moving to 32 E. Eighth St., which currently houses Gazelle Sports.

In 1919, Patsy Fabiano contracted Abel Postma to demolish the old building on West Eighth Street and modernize it for the 20th century. As reported in the Holland Daily Sentinel, the new building was planned to cost $20,000 and would be completely fireproof, built entirely out of steel and concrete. The two-story structure would have a Bedford stone front with large plate glass windows along the exterior, and can still be seen by Holland visitors.

When Paul Fabiano and his wife Esther came to own the store in 1955, they changed the name to the Holland Peanut Store.

In 1973, the Fabianos relocated to their current location on 46 E. Eighth St., where they began to sell primarily candy and other sweets.

Updated Saturday, February 4, 2017