First State Bank

First State Bank


Eighth Street & Central Avenue

By Ian Bussan

Built by First State Bank in 1916 as its third and final headquarters in Holland this impressive stone structure was the scene of the 1932 bank robbery, in which criminals made off with about $73,000 in cash and bonds. The building’s current occupant, PNC, came to own the building through various bank mergers in the latter half of the 20th century.

History of the Bank

First State Bank, the second bank to open in Holland, was incorporated in 1889 and opened its doors in December of that year. State banking laws had recently been liberalized, making it easier for new financial institutions like First State to offer their services to the city, which had formerly dealt only with Holland City Bank.

The bank was originally housed in the Bosman Building, but space quickly ran out. A new building was summarily constructed at the corner of 8th and Central, which the bank would share with the Post Office.

The Building

The final home for the Bank was 1 West 8th Street. The new building opened on August 25, 1916, with an open invitation for the public to come visit the august new edifice.

First State Bank eventually merged with Holland City State Bank, its earliest rival, in 1936. Retaining First State’s location, the bank would be renamed First National Bank in 1946, before eventually changing hands with different acquisitions until PNC, the current occupant of the building, finally came to own them.

Updated Wednesday, March 1, 2017